TATA Motors Prolife Aggregates

TATA Motors Prolife is a pioneering after-market product support strategy for TATA Motors’ customers. In this, the customer is provided with reconditioned aggregates in exchange of old aggregates subject to simple acceptance norms.

Use of TATA Motors Prolife aggregate ensures OE like performance of the vehicle even after the first life cycle. The reconditioning is carried out at TATA Motors Prolife plants situated in Lucknow & Coimbatore.
Our endeavor at TATA Motors Prolife Business is to minimize the product life cycle cost. In line with the motto, we constantly put our efforts to offer products with lower price and highest quality. This is clearly evident from our product performance.

In continuation to this endeavour TATA Motors now offers a viable cost effective alternative solution to overhaul vehicle aggregates with nationwide warranty. Our current product portfolio consists of reconditioned Engine Long Block, Gear Box, Power Steering Gear Box, Turbo Charger, Air Compressor. In addition to this, we also provide clutch components like 380, 352, 330, 240, 280, 310 diameter pressure plates; 352 diameter clutch disc; 170 diameter pressure plate & clutch disc combo.

As a process new reconditioned products are being introduced at regular intervals. Recently we have ventured into electrical components and introduced starter motor and alternator to increase the product portfolio.

Following are the unique features of TATA Motors Prolife aggregates.
  • Highest quality of aggregates and components reconditioned by TATA Motors.
  • 100% inspection of Prolife engines on Dynamometer.
  • Attractive warranty.
  • Minimum downtime of the vehicle.
  • Higher engine life.
  • Lower operational cost.
  • After market support by TATA Motors’ nationwide network.
  • Easy availability through all TATA Motors’ dealers/ TASS network.

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