Why join SM?

SM Auto has grown significantly over the last few years. The foundation of the company is built on strong relationships, principles and delivering to customer’s promise. It fosters a conducive, safe & family like work environment. SM is commitment & nurtures unlimited growth opportunities, enterprising spirit & exposure to learn for its employees. Teams at SM are empowered and work in harmony, trust & mutual respect for each other. Promise to the customer comes first and is expected to be delivered at all cost.

Employees are valuable assets at SM. SM provides a complete package of rewards, training, competitive pay, retirals such as provident fund and esic, performance based incentives, growth opportunities, promotions, role changes, safe & technical cutting edge infrastructure, recognition for employees’ contributions & a great work environment.

Progressive employee benefits & practices are an important part of SM’s culture. SM provides wide range of benefits which address diverse needs of employees such as group medical insurance, generous gifts along with personal day off for self or daughter’s marriage, vacation days, company holidays, maternity leave and benefits and paternity leave, contribution to Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana program for employees, who enroll. This helps SM attract and retain talent in the industry.

SM is a fun workplace which feels like home. It celebrates small to big business wins, employee’s personal milestones & festivals. Safety of SM employees is of paramount importance to the company. Field & office workforce is expected to follow strict safety guidelines.

Employee’s life at SM is best described as an enterprising family which believes in building a business for the future. Everyone is encouraged and expected to do extraordinary things. Employees are expected to take bold steps & every new idea is celebrated.

Life at SM

Current Opening

Feel free to drop us your CV and cover letter by email - we always love to hear from interesting people! romika.chaurasia@smauto.net.in